Medical Update: Symtuza

Reservation Required.

Learn about a new treatment option – Symtuza.
Thursday, March 7 at 6pm.
Plummer Park Community Center

Brought to you by Janssen Therapeutics.

Medical Update

Join us at Plummer Park (Rooms 5 and 6) for a medical update sponsored by Joseph Leahy and Janssen Therapeutics.  Tonight’s Topic is “Confident Discussions about HIV Treatment.”  Reservations are required.  Trained service animals (leashed or harnessed) allowed.  Emotional support animals are not allowed.

Women’s HIV Treatment Summit

Los Angeles Women’s HIV/AIDS Task Force 9th Annual Treatment Summit.

Theme:  The Entire You. or call 424-261-4426

Medical Update: “Empowered Decisions…”

Limited Seating – Sign Up Required

Medical Update – “Empowered Decisions:  Info on HIV Treatment and Choices”

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015
Plummer Park, Fiesta Hall
RSVP to Daniel Robison at (323) 874-4322

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