Volunteer-driven, Being Alive thrives on the help and willingness of others. Through the help of over 100 volunteers, Being Alive, gratefully, has been able to offer direct services to over 1,200 Los Angeles residents (and reach an additional 12,000 people nationwide with community education) with a relatively small staff while keeping overhead low.


HIV and AIDS Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed and appreciated. If you are interested in becoming apart of Being Alive, let us know which areas you have expertise in. Being Alive is currently seeking volunteers with expertise in these areas:

  • Support Group Facilitators
  • Community Outreach
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Advocacy
  • Office/General Support
  • Wellness Providers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Fundraising (Special Events, Data Entry)



On a case-by-case basis, Being Alive may be able to accommodate large groups that are looking to volunteer together. If this is the case, please call Jamie Baker (323)874-4322. Tell us the number of people in your party, the particular kind of volunteer work that you are looking to do, the dates that you are available, and any other relevant information.