Honored, Being Alive’s HIV and AIDS advocacy efforts in Los Angeles have resulted in success. We are proud to be apart of the HIV Patients Bill of Rights passage through the LA County Commission on HIV Health Services (for all Ryan White funded providers). We also take part in local commissions on HIV/AIDS to meet and discuss new and ongoing issues with coalition partners, commissioners, and elected officials. Please let us help you address any issues you may be experiencing by contacting Being Alive. Being Alive does not engage in lobbying efforts but rather works with community partners to effect change in our community.

At Being Alive, we approach advocacy in two ways. First, we offer a one-on-one support and counseling for individuals who are facing barriers within the system of HIV/AIDS care. Secondly, we offer guidance to our peers to participate in political advocacy opportunities. We work to address issues from concerns such as funding for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program to local public health issues, by working with HIV commissions. This includes disparities in service to under-served communities, evolving guidelines for commercial sex venues, outreach to sex workers and services to the homeless HIV population.



The Advocacy Committee of the Being Alive Board of Directors is open to everyone who is interested. In these meeting we discuss legislative, budget, and community issues which affect people living with HIV/AIDS. Please contact our main office for upcoming meeting details.