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June 30

Posted by: Being Alive

July Schedule
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July 6:  What Happens Next (2012) – After wealthy businessman Paul Greco is forced into early retirement, his meddling sister attempts to get him to settle down with a woman of her choosing.  But Paul seems more intent on developing a friendship with a young man he meets at a dog park.

July 13:  Eastern Boys (2015) – A middle-aged Frenchman gets more than he bargained for when he cruises the Gare du Nord train station for a lover and invites an attractive young Eastern European hustler back to his apartment.

July 20:  A Jihad For Love (2007) – Documenting the quandary of gay Muslims via the perspective of subjects from countries such as India, Iran, and Turkey, director Parvez Sharma chronicles their struggles to square their sexual orientation with their faith, which forbids homosexuality.  Relating their compelling tales to the camera, the subjects (most expatriates) cling to their Islamic ideals in the face of a sharia interpretation that imposes the death penalty for homosexual acts.

July 27:  Beginners (2011) – Oliver, a graphic artist, is coming to grips with the imminent death of his father, who, at 75, has one last secret: He’s gay.  Inspired and confused by his father’s determination to find true love at last, Oliver tentatively pursues his own romance.


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