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September 3

Posted by: Being Alive

Film Night – September Schedule
Join us for Being Alive’s film night every Monday @ 7PM!

Sept. 7: LABOR DAY—No Movie

Sept 14: Leather (2013) – When gay urbanite Andrew hears his estranged father, Walter, has died, he travels to the remote cabin where Walter lived his final days. Upon arrival, Andrew is shocked to find his own childhood friend has spent years being mentored by Walter.

Sept 21: The Way He Looks (2014)Overprotected by his mother and smitten best friend Giovana, blind teenager Leonardo dreams of being independent. But the arrival of new classmate Gabriel complicates matters when the two boys’ friendship deepens into something more.

Sept 28: Paris is Burning  (1990) – Penetrating the tight-knit community of minority drag queens living in New York City, Jennie Livingston’s acclaimed documentary offers an early glimpse at the art of “voguing,” the underground dance style later popularized by Madonna in her hit song. The film also explores issues such as racism, homophobia and AIDS, while offering a detailed examination of the intricate Ball culture, in which queens are judged for their style and expression.


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