April 22

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Love No Hate Rally

LGBT For The World – The World For LGBT

 Saturday, May 2nd at 3pm

HOME @ 7990 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA

Concerned and interested community members in West Hollywood will gather together
Saturday May 2nd @ 3PM to march in support of love and world peace at the Love No Hate Rally.
Activists will meet at HOME (7990 Santa Monica Boulevard), America’s first privately
owned LGBTQ Center, and march along Santa Monica Blvd to 8915 Santa Monica
Boulevard. All attendees are asked to wear blue jeans and white shirts.

Jessica Sutta, formerly of The Pussycat Dolls, will be among the celebrities in attendance.
She will open the rally with a performance of her new song, “Let It Be Love”.
“Ultimately, we all want love,” she explains. “There is nothing more powerful and true
than love. It is what connects us all as brothers and sisters of one human race.”

Nir Zilberman is organizing the march. He is the local shop owner who founded HOME,
America’s first privately owned LGBTQ Center. HOME serves the West Hollywood gay
community and its allies by offering free legal, mental health and vocational support to
those in need. It provides meeting spaces and research facilities for groups working to
advance LGBTQ causes. In addition, it houses a museum chronicling the LGBTQ community
and its struggles though out history. HOME does not seek any public donations; all funds
are by Mr. Zilberman.

“The Love No Hate rally is celebrating love being in the air this spring,” says Nir
Zilberman. “We aim to prove that the LGBTQ community is not only concerned with
equality for gay people, we want equality for everyone. We’re calling for religious,
racial, and gender equality. When the world realizes that we are all one, we will get
past the senseless labeling and categorizing. Then love – with no restrictions, judgments or
confusion – will prevail.”

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