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January 27th, 2015 | Being Alive

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We offer extensively trained counselors in HIV for Psychotherapy to our members.  Our goal is to help with coping and understand feelings, effects of medications, stigmatization, guilt, thoughts and behaviors. Please contact Jamie Baker at 323-874-4322 x13 to make appointments.



Being Alive’s, Dignity Plus, is our mental health psychotherapy counseling program.  Mental health is provided by appointment following an intake specialist conference.  Therapists are extensively trained in HIV. They are also LGBT affirmative.  Therapists are student trainees and post-graduate interns offering Being Alive members the opportunity to address a wide range of life’s stresses and psychological problems including but certainly not limited to living with HIV.

Dignity Plus

Our mental health program, Dignity Plus, is provided through a joint association between Being Alive and local Universities’ Masters in Clinical Psychology programs. Our program is considered the “gold standard” in psychotherapy with counselors who are trained in HIV and LGBT Affirmative psychotherapeutic clinical skills. This gives our therapists a full understanding of the complexities of dealing with HIV as part of the mental health component for our members, making Being Alive’s psychotherapy program a most unique opportunity for those living with HIV. The mental health program collaboratively partners with all other Being Alive services including emotional peer support, treatment education, prevention, advocacy, wellness and social services.

Being Alive strives for a “no-waiting list” goal in psychotherapy, along with same-day crisis management emergency intakes whenever possible. This has garnered Being Alive with tremendous amount of praise and respect from our community HIV care partners.  Client-members are carefully assessed and prioritized on an on-going basis.  We carefully match client-members with our therapists for a good match and better outcomes.  Therapists may use a variety of psychotherapy theoretical modalities.

Every member is treated with respect and without judgment. The Being Alive Experience cannot be found anywhere else! Client-member wellness is our primary concern throughout their wellness journey. Being Alive empowers our client-members on a pathway to wellness.

To schedule an intake or for more information, please contact Jamie Baker at or send us a message via our contact page.

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