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No time to walk?  Then be a “virtual walker” on AIDS Walk LA Team #6718

AIDS Walk Los Angeles is October 11, 2015.


Be sure you sign up for the Being Alive Team #6718 – And remember.  You DON’T have you walk to be a supporter/fundraiser.

Here’s your fundraising hint of the week:

Week 2 (Sept. 14-20, 2015)

Dollars Instead of Donuts!  Collect donations equal to the price of a dozen donuts, which is about $8!  Collect a week’s worth and that’s $40.  OR

Let Us Have (the price of) Your Latte!  Collect the cost of a daily latte for a week from 4 people.   At $2.15/day, five days of lattes adds up to $10.75!  If 4 people donate that amount, that’s $43.


Whether it’s Donuts or Lattes, the first person to raise $40 this week will receive a gift card from STARBUCKS.  The person who raises the most money by the end of this week will receive 2 gift cards from STARBUCKS!

AIDS Walk Flyer
AIDS Walk Flyer