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When you become a member of Being Alive, our programs and services are at your disposal. We are dedicated to giving quality support and resources to the HIV+ community in order to maintain your quality of life, even after diagnosis. We understand what you are going through because we too are living with or have loved ones with living HIV/AIDS.

Being Alive has established a number of programs and services to build a healthier and more powerful community of HIV+ people. Free or very low cost to our clients, we have devised a number of programs which focus on coping with the diagnosis,  group support, mental health, social events, HIV education, and wellness activities, such as, yoga, acupuncture, ceramics, and more.

We are also available to walk you through health care, advocacy, new treatments, and any other issue which may be weighing you. Our Dignity Plus mental health program incorporates LGBT-affirmative specialization therapy. We also understand the HIV+ community has different needs when it comes to mental health. Blazing a new path, our extensively trained staff looks for symptoms such as medicine fatigue, which is often confused with depression as an example. Correctly diagnosing symptoms allows your treatment to be more effective, thus helping you live a happier, better quality life.

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