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AIDS Walk BAnner

There’s STILL Time!!!

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AIDS Walk LA is October 11, 2015

You can walk, you can be a “virtual walker” or you can contribute!

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We’re getting closer to the big event!  Keep up the great work raising money.

Here’s the incentive plan for WEEK THREE!  It’s a good one!

Week 3 (Sept. 21-27, 2015)
Ask 10 for $10 – Did you see “Ask 5 for $5”? Well, it’s the same concept; just double the number of donors and instead of collecting $5 from each one, collect $10!   The person who raises the most money during WEEK 3 will receive a $50 gift certificate to the LA Phil Store at Disney Hall!

Have fun with this one!  Don’t forget to encourage your friends and relatives from out of the area to pitch in.  The care, services and research afforded us here in Los Angeles have ripple effects throughout the nation…and the world!

AIDS Walk Flyer
AIDS Walk Flyer