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From Board Chair Carla A. Ford, Esq.:

The Board of Directors of Being Alive! has announced that Marc Haupert, who has been serving as Interim Executive Director since July, will be ending his provisional engagement as of December 31, 2020.  Marc came to Being Alive! in May as a consultant placed by Third Sector Company, Inc., the preeminent organization led by Jeffrey R. Wilcox that was created to “foster a continuity of leadership for the nonprofit sector.”
Marc helped Being Alive! “keep it together” at a time when we were reeling from the loss of Garry Bowie, our Executive Director and beloved friend whose life was claimed by COVID-19 in April.  Being Alive! is an essential provider of social services in the HIV/AIDS community and the Board of Directors determined that we needed an experienced hand to lead us during this unprecedented period.

Under Marc’s leadership, Being Alive! has weathered the storm.  We are better off for having had the benefit of Marc’s leadership and we know that he will make himself available to our new leader, Programs Director Jamie Baker, as he assumes additional management responsibilities to lead Being Alive! in the new year.   Thanks to the dedication of Marc and our amazing staff members, we are running smoothly and our prospects for continuing to provide critical services to our clients — now and in the future — are bright.

We have immense gratitude for all that Marc has done for and with Being Alive! and we wish him the best in his next engagements and endeavors with other clients!